Gathered Worship

We currently gather for worship on Sundays in the Pinehurst Neighborhood of North Seattle and the Morgan Junction Neighborhood of West Seattle. Each worship service is led by the local pastor/congregation and crafted in a unique style.

We envision worship gatherings taking place regularly in each region of the city. However, our goal is not to increase worship service attendance. We desire to see individuals, families, and entire communities transformed by the grace and love of God—wherever it may be encountered. A rhythm of gathered worship is a means of grace that plays an important role in our spiritual formation.

The Gathering

Combined worship of two parishes at North Seattle Church of the Nazarene.

13130 5th AVE NE, Sea., WA

Sunday 10:45 AM

West Seattle Church of the Nazarene

Local church worship at West Seattle Church of the Nazarene

4201 SW Juneau St, Sea., WA

Sunday 11 AM